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Hands up who likes lockdown!

Anybody? No. Because nobody likes lockdown. Actually, one person I know likes lockdown and that was because he has decided he doesn’t like people anymore. Can’t say I blame him. The Jimmy Neutron’s out protesting on the streets maskless and gobbing all over each other over the weekend in Dublin city certainly don’t like lockdown. I do wonder though, do these people really believe that most of us are sitting here basking in the glory of the four walls encapsulating our world for the last year?

@Mark Tighe

Launching a rocket at the gardai is definitely going to get rid of Covid, so well done to that psychopath. It's also a sure fire way to garner widespread governmental and public support for your grievances, especially if you drape yourself in tricolours and shout 'freedom' like you're Mel Gibson on adrenochrome. Prior to this meeting of minds, a recent video decrying lockdown was widely shared on Twitter arguing that Covid doesn’t affect 95% of the population so the government should just open up the country. There was also a smattering of other random statistics the man pulled out of his arse. It is great really that we have so many internet ordained epidemiologists and statisticians, isn't it? It has made the last year so much easier. I don’t need to read scientific research anymore because people are uploading all the “evidence” on social media. Brilliant! I had no idea that in order for the virus to go away and stop killing people we needed to open up the country.

I hate to break it to whoever actually believes this boll***s but the government isn't a cult of reptilian baby snatchers and verified scientists don’t actually upload data onto YouTube. It takes hundreds of peer reviews for research to be accepted into accredited scientific journals. This is preceded by literature studies, laboratory testing, experimental design, and statistical analysis. And even at that, it’s researched again, double blinded, and sent for more reviews. Many of these arguments are based on anger and fear. So no, gym owners don’t have the scientific prowess to even contemplate what it takes to eliminate a virus. Neither do people like Michael O’Leary, a man who would make his own family share a knife and a fork between them if he thought it would save him money. I think there may be a vested interest there, but perhaps I’m just being sceptical.

Could those calling for the reopening of the country really be satisfied sinking their pints down the pub while our health care system collapses, and people continue to just drop dead around them because they want to “save the economy”? We went from over 8,000 cases a day to 1,000 in three weeks. Just because you don’t like lockdowns, doesn’t mean they don’t work. It is pretty horrifying that I have to keep reiterating this. Economies recover. Dead people do not. And that, friends, is science.

Unfortunately, returning to some semblance of normality while the virus is so prevalent is a fallacy. Those of us more are risk have been locked inside for a year. Our lives are already curtailed more than the average person and people are still dying. Well-intentioned carers and visitors to the elderly unfortunately spread the virus in private homes and nursing homes. The people receiving care weren’t out and about. I have been called selfish and told I should just stay inside because I have an ‘underlying health condition’. That’s fine, Gary, except those of us with illnesses are more likely to need regular hospital visits, which actually requires us to leave our homes. I have to attend hospital every month for infusions where I am in a room with 6-8 other people, not including medical staff, at any given time. I also have to get regular blood tests at a clinic. Bolting us inside while the rest of you get to live life as normal makes about as much sense as putting your electric radio in the bathtub and expecting not to get electrocuted.

If the virus were allowed to run through society, my appointments would be far riskier than they already are or, as before when the virus escalated, cancelled, which puts my health in jeopardy. Cancer treatments and other critical health services have already been delayed. Society opened up for Christmas and hundreds have died from Covid since the start of January. So, just wondering, how many deaths is acceptable? I guess the plan is to just let us all die so life can return to normal.

Besides the obvious (people dying is bad), we are fighting a war against a virus that doesn’t care about your normal. It would be easier if we had a more tangible common enemy like in war times... or maybe just a DC villain. Logically, most of us (except the covidiots out in force the other day) know that we can’t go into combat against a virus. What inevitably happens is the blame is shifted to those implementing controls to minimise its effects. The vast majority of people have curtailed their lives for those of us most at risk and as a result there have been fewer deaths. It is a huge testament to the frontline workers, which includes the shop attendants, the medical professionals, and the postal workers, to name a few. Plus the sacrifices made by my friends and strangers alike have been truly amazing.

Staring down the barrel of the longest lockdown of the pandemic is gut wrenching and everyone is fed up. Our collective mental health has taken a bashing and the pandemic has inevitably exacerbated pre-existing conditions. If there had been prior investment, more could be done to alleviate the suffering. Small businesses and people’s livelihoods have been decimated. Restrictions have arguably been the worst for those repeatedly subjected to unimaginable abuse within their own homes. In Ireland alone there has been a 40% increase in domestic violence since 2019. This is sobering and highlights the dearth in essential services for those who desperately need them. The longer children are in and out of school, the worse it is for their development and those most vulnerable to abuse. Inequality, an increasing wealth gap, inadequate housing and poor social welfare systems have intensified an already dire situation. It's not just the newscasters at RTE who have sold 'there' souls. Politicians could definitely do with a bit of 'soul' searching themselves and use this as an opportunity to strengthen our healthcare system, social welfare, protection services and employment schemes. Sadly, the lack of investment in our infrastructure means none of these problems will magically go away by lifting restrictions.

The bottom line is lockdown is horrific and the government’s poor decision to not implement mandatory quarantine for all people coming in from other countries hasn’t helped buoy public sentiment. But to those protesting, there is a fine line between freedom and autonomy and entitlement and selfishness. Go be free but you will probably kill someone in doing so. Pick your poison. The government has. They have to weigh up the least bad options and the inconvenient truth is that enabling the virus to run rampant isn’t going to prevent deaths or enable a return to life as you knew it. There can only be a return to a semblance of semi-normality once the elderly and vulnerable have had their vaccines, and that’s not going to happen at the flick of a needle by tomorrow. In the meantime, gathering alongside thousands of others without masks isn’t going to make this end any faster, so thanks for that.

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Phil Weymouth
Phil Weymouth
05 mar 2021

Great story

Me gusta
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