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My my my my myyyy Corona


I had already spent the first two months of 2020 in relatively quiet sequester as the orchestra of MS symptoms screeching through my body took a while to settle down. Little did I know that by the time I felt up to ‘re-entering’ society, the world would be in the throes of a global contagion. If there are any upsides to having a chronic illness, MS has taught me to value the days I feel well and to focus on all the things I can do. I decided to chronicle the day to day tribulations of living with my parents and grandparents for nearly five months in rural Cork. Prior to Covid, we were so busy, driven by dictatorial office deadlines that perhaps it was good for us all to stop and take pause. When the world opened up slightly, I decided to use the opportunity of a more quiet existence to challenge myself to do things like sea swimming, gardening and meditation, and write about my experiences and fears in a post-Covid world. Now, life has gone back to normal, the concept of a 'new' normal relegated to history, the challenge is figuring out how those of us more at risk fit in to this.

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